Colander Table - limited edition


Due to the form of the bowl with the 909 holes, the table glass plate vanishes for the nonexcistence of an right angle. The project is an experiment, to delete space and material. This creates an illusion, which opens to the observer an other point of view with a different sense. All objects that are standing on the table glass plate seem to float.


Info production loop:

The table colander is produced in a cnc milling process. Starting with a piece of aluminium with the weight of 408 kg - 899 lb for the table plate and 1 massive round aluminium bar for the 4 legs. The complete time line for producing one table from the first milling to the final polishing took round 4 weeks.


The Colander Table is manufactured in a limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 prototypes + 2 artist’s proofs

Size: 160x95cm - 72cm high

Material: aluminium cnc milled and mirror polished by hand - table plate glass or acrylic glass

Price: On request


Colander Table production video

Colander Table presentation video