brain sculpture unlimited

sit on my brain



brain sculpture unlimited

brain sculpture unlimited - making of my brain


Material: 3D cnc machined styrofoam core

polyurethane coated surface approx. 3mm thick

surface - hard and durable

Color option 01: lacquered white semi matt polyurethane paint
Color option 02 project1012 edition: lacquered pink semi matt polyurethane paint

Dimensions standard: length 81cm x width 59cm x height 50cm

Dimensions BIG: custom made sizes are possible too, one size option is lenght 320cm x width 232cm x height 200cm


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„With brain sculpture unlimited I´d like to show and celebrate the fascination of human nature. Entering into the mystic space of my own head was an experiment in itself. Until today, the human brain structure is not completely explored – a terra incognita with still so many secrets. In my view the human brain is a natural wonder just like the whole endless universe. It comprises all what makes us human beings, it constitutes and represents ourselves. It lets us interact with the whole world around us. It lets us feel and immerse ourselves into life. It is evolution... Everything is possible... Our strongest feelings of life emerge in the brain. It´s the consciousness´ home and the stage, where the deepest love arises..... Due to the brain´s utmost relevance for human nature my project is dedicated to the uniqueness of life. Since the world is changing by digitization and media at dynamic pace, I wanted to halt and show how fascinating, beautiful and fragile our brain is. We need to take care of and reflect how to deal with it. We´re loosing so much potential because the digital world replaces and overlaps traditional, approved processes. Little by little, thinking will replaced by computers. Therefore, I decided on a multilevel process jumping form digital high end procedures to handwork.


Already the access into the loud and tightness tube of an MRI was so exciting – knowing that the magnetic resonance imaging machine generates the high res dicom files which shows my entire head in 176 slices. Seeing my own head and brain for the first time in this sliced images was an amazing moment. So I decided to continue the exploration of my brain structure by extracting it from the rest of my head. For a few weeks I worked with special medical imaging software to get very different 3D pixel cloud images and videos of my entire head and brain.

Over 25 years ago I studied in Italy at the IED, where „analogue“ creations with our hands was common. I still love this traditional process very much. Creating by hand is a totally different experience. For me being creative is not only driven by our  brain and todays digital software. Instead you have to feel the shape of a hand-made object and interact with the form. So I decided to touch my brain and form its final shape by my own hands. It was important to me making the brain smarter and giving it giving it some pop-art like aesthetics - but with my original cortex shape. So I jumped from a very high sofisticated digital procedure – MRI –, to an analogue clay modelling process. I printed all 176 slice images on paper in 2:1 scale and started to re-construct and re-model my brain. Thus, I had the chance to control and feel its shape sensually. At this point I needed a digital 3D file in turn, enabling me to reproduce the brain in any bigger size and to reproduce it again and again. So my hand modelled clay brain met an 3D optical imaging scanner. This machine projected black and white lines on the brain, while it was rotated by 360 degrees. The originated images where stitched together by a high end software to an 3D tris mesh. After editing a few details of the 3D stl file and increasing the scale, my brain met the 7 axis robo at prmdesign robo lab in milan My brain was machined in a long-lasting process out of a single block of polystyrole. The 7 axis milling robo is a very special machine because it is able to machine undercuts. It was beautiful to see how the robo, driven by an digital CNC process, reveals my brain out of the block again. To make the polystyrene brain´s surface hard and durable, it was coated with approx. 3mm hard polyurethane and lacquered white semi matt. There is a special project1012 edition of the sculpture in pink. Nina Gerhard who is part of project1012 by RohrGerhard composed the three songs, which added extra life to the videos. Thank you to my family, all friends and partners to make this big project possible. It was an amazing long trip and experience to me.... The next dream is waiting, I´d like to make the brain really big so that some people could enter.