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1/3 - 2/3 drinking glass - design from 1992

This series of drinking glasses where designed in 1992 during my studies at the IED in Milan
and they where first exhibited to the public in summer 1992 at the Apriti IED show.


The drinking glasses can be used from either sides.
Each glass offers two drinking volumes, one at each end of the glass cylinder. - e.g. the 2/3 side for water or the 1/3 side for wine...
For the reason that the glass has not the usual bottom or a glass foot, quite the contrary always the lower side is open and the liquid above can create
a strong shadow on the surface of the table. As well as the glass is build out of a perfect cylinder, there are no bevel of moulds as usual drinking glasses have.
All this facts let disappear the glass cylinder and creates an optical illusion, that the liquid seams to fly over the surface where the glass is standing.
The line of glassware consists of 7 different sizes for different drinks and they are hand made for the complexity.


soft and hard
human and technology
was part of
Milan Design Week 2011
Superstudio Piu - “Temporary Museum for New Design” - 2011
(first microchip prototypes where shown at Passagen January 2009)

film and project video coming soon

The brain and microchip limited edition hopefully gives food for thoughts in its oversized dimensions and controversy.
I want to show how fascinating human nature and technology are.
Human brain structure till today is not completly explored, there are still so many nature secrets in it.
The secret of microchips developed by men, is that we know as a matter of course they are in so many products.
We don't think about this fact, we don´t see how they work, they are synthetic but however we unconsciously trust them.